creates hardware and software for the

Internet of Things

About Us

With Techmakers you can deliver IoT solutions made by connected software, products and machinery.

  • Data gathering and transmission from sensor to database
  • Full stack software with device management
  • Added value creation from data and device integration
  • Fast time to market solutions with low cost of ownership

Participates at our Training Program

Basic Training

Next date:18/11/16 in Rome

Via del Poggio Laurentino 118
Centro Direzionale Eur
Meeting Room "Sala Spagna"
from 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM


Rotilio® Maker is Arduino® compatibile, ready to connect IoT Device with on board sensors, simple API for phisical and user interface
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  • Multiple on board sensors: temperature, humidity, pressure, light, position, switch
  • Multiple on board actuators: relais, buzzer, leds
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Based on open source software and hardware
  • Wireless sensor network with zero configuration
  • WiFi or 3G connection with simple setup
  • Community based support
  • Ready firmware examples
  • Ready Javascript application (AngularJS)
  • Simple to learn and deploy on field
  • Ready for educational purpose

Rotilio® Pro

Rotilio® Pro is Arduino® compatible, industry grade IoT Platform with global coverage data plan, fully customizable Mobile App
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  • Industry grade solution for IoT projects
  • RS-485 connection with PLC and other devices
  • ADC converter for direct sensors connection
  • I2C, SPI interfaces
  • Full stack software solutions for OEM and system integrators
  • Ready control panel dashboard web and mobile app
  • Based on open source software and hardware
  • Wireless sensor network with zero configuration
  • Continuous software integration with OTA firmware updates
  • Professional support with SLA
  • WiFi or 3G connection with simple setup
  • Low traffic communication protocol
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RS485 Relay board

a RS485 8 channel relays controller
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  • Allow to connect via RS485 bus 8 relays
  • The 8 relays on board are capable of switching: 12VDC/10A, 240VAC/7A, 12VDC/15A, 24VDC/15A, 125VAC/15A or 250VAC/10A
  • Option to change the board number manually
  • Led to indicate which relays are working
  • Connect up to 15x8 channel Relay controllers
  • Max distance of 1200m
  • Ready firmware examples
  • Simple to learn and deploy on field

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Rotilio® is open source on Github.


Check on Hackster our projects.


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White paper

Read our white paper on Github.


a team to support you from design to marketing your IoT solution
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End to end solution design

We developed throughout the application stack from the sensor to the Mobile App and the control dashboard. We are able to customize the mobile application according to customer requirements and modulate commercial offerings based on the real features used.


Know-how transfer

We developed a partnership program for companies and professionals who want to sell and deploy IoT solutions with our OEM hardware and software.



We organize theoretical and practical courses to approach the best in the world of the Internet of Things. In our courses we will show how Rotilio®, is easy to setup and ready to use with just a few lines of code.



We are able to design customized prototypes for IoT solutions from the sensor to the Mobile App and the control dashboard.