know-how for the Internet of Things

We deliver IoT products and complete solutions, all the way from the sensor to mobile and Web apps. Passion, expertise and a strong will to innovate drive our business.

IoT software

Techmakers develops software for the Internet Of Things, from the firmware installed on devices to mobile app: among others we deliver PV plants monitoring, industrial telemetry, remotely controlled heating systems.

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IoT devices

We design and build devices that connect the physical and the virtual realities. Communication, security, easy installation and low cost are the features at the base of every step of our process, from design to on-site installation.

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IoT services

Whether you need prototyping, engineering or IoT devices integration, our in-house ad hoc designing services have the answer. We also provide know-how sharing, training, and consultancy services to help you build your own IoT projects.

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All of our devices are EC certified, they communicate over encrypted channel through WiFi, Ethernet or 3G, featuring software and apps running on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Web, iOS, Android, Web.

structure of our IoT platform

Enterprise hardware and software platform for the IoT

Techmakers develops and maintains a software platform for the Internet Of Things, including the following services:

  • Collecting, logging and displaying data from on-site devices
  • Sending commands to the same devices on a secure channel with safety management and communication logging
  • Monitoring on-site devices correct operation and related alerts
  • Fully customizable mobile app

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Rotilio Pro Photon

Rotilio Pro

Connect machines, systems and any kind of sensor to the Internet, both for data collection and remote controlling. Industries are now venturing in the field of creating value for customers, end users, installers and engineers. Time-to-market and solution maintenance are top priorities.
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RS485 Relays Array

RS485 Relays Array

You need a switch to turn anything on. This EC certified device includes eight remotely controllable switches, up to 1,200 meters. By connecting up to 15 of such devices to a single Rotilio Pro or Rotilio Maker, we can command 120 utilities with loads up to 15A, depending on the supply voltage
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Rotilio Maker photon

Rotilio Maker

Experiment and learn how to develop IoT applications with a complete platform at your service. We created Rotilio Maker as an answer to developers wanting to create their own IoT projects and looking for an exhaustive platform. Rotilio Maker gives you the tools to explore the possibilities, and also to actually build prototypes which may become real products for the real market.
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Rotilio Power Meter

Rotilio Power Meter

Accurately measure production and power consumption. This product is the result of the cooperation between Techmakers and Consorzio Ingauno, which built more than 200 PV plants.
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