Industry 4.0 solutions to boost productivity and quality

Industry 4.0, rotilio pro, RS485 Relays array, compressor, load bank, web and mobile app builds products and solutions to integrate the production process with the Cloud, the Internet of Things and the Big Data.

Because our philosophy is to track the entire cycle of data production, we developed Rotilio Pro, our own communication hardware and the IoTSiteplatform to acquire, log and analyze data.

  • We manage the data whole lifecycle del dato senza intermediariwith no critical intermediary
  • Communication through: Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi and 3G
  • Trusted and secure connections through end-to-end encrypted channels
  • 3G Communication costs under control hanks to a global flat fee
  • Strong experience in third party system integration

Rotilio Pro

ndustries are now venturing in the field of creating value for customers, end users, installers and engineers. Time-to-market and solution maintenance are top priorities. Rotilio PRO is a low investment, out of the box solution, which leverages on our proven IoT platform to collect, store and analyze data.

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Rotilio Power Meter

Accurately measures production and power consumption.

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Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies to improve work conditions and increase productivity and production quality.

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  • Gather real-time and historical data
  • Interconnect production processes
  • Create value for customers and end users through data analysis and event & alarm responsiveness

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