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Software platform for managing internet of things devices
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Techmakers internally develops and maintains a software platform for the Internet Of Things, including the following services:

  • Collecting, logging and displaying data from on-site devices
  • Sending commands to the same devices on a secure channel with safety management and communication logging
  • Monitoring on-site devices correct operation and related alerts
  • Fully customizable mobile app

It took three years of experimenting at all levels: data transmission, security, storage, user interface. But it paid in the end. We created a flexible structure, both specific for the customer needs, and universal because of the shared components of each IT solution, so you never have to reinvent the wheel.

The structure of our software platform for the internet of things

Our staff has at least thirty years experience in software. We understand the importance of a clean source code, easily upgradeable and which lets you build custom solutions without creating projects on deadwood.

End-to-end solution

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Firewall Friendly

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Connection economy

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Mobile app

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Integrated E-Commerce

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Cloud or on-premise

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Techmakers has developed the full application stack, from the mobile app sensor to the dashboard. That’s exactly why we can customize the application based on customer requirements and scale our business offer based on the features you actually use.

Devices are connected via an SSL/TLS encrypted channel. Only servers with the appropriate certificate can connect to our Rotilio family of servers and, in turn, our servers can connect only to servers with the appropriate certificate. Because firmware won’t allow connection to a server without a security certificate, data and operative commands can be exchanged only with the whitelisted server.

Wi-Fi version is easily installed on Access Point with a standard configuration and it is still possible to reach it from outside thanks to COAP protocol. Because it uses the standard HTTPS connection ports, no specific configuration is required by Access Point and Firewall.

The 3G version uses a virtual M2M SIM specifically designed to streamline the device connection process when a wi-fi connection is not available. The virtual SIM makes it possible to bypass the task of selecting the provider which has the most powerful signal in the installation area. Connection costs billing procedures are also streamlined thanks to the option to centralize them on a single account, if desirable. You can also suspend the traffic on a single device and then resume it when needed, for maximum control on connectivity costs.

The hardware/software layers on the whole platform plus the capability to manage different kind of devices make Rotilio platform versatile and suitable to many situations.

The application stack also includes a customizable mobile app (Android, iOS, Mobile Web). A single app lets you control different devices. Access to the device is ensured by means of user login and association to the device ID, both in self-service and Push mode via the support team.

Web/Mobile platform provides a native and integrated “shopping cart” system which lets you activate on-line shop features of new devices, accessories as well as additional services.
For example, if an appliance alerts it needs replacing parts such as filters, fluids, or consumables, the end user can forward the order directly from the app that monitors the appliance and which the alert was received on.
Besides, our mobile app is connection-ready for the most popular online payment systems, thus it can automatically process the purchase and billing of paid subscriptions (connectivity, support, analytics).

Our in-house developed software is the platform which allows you to monitor devices, receive feedback in real time, and send commands to the devices. It also includes the analytical dashboard with historical data and can be installed on-premise or in the cloud, You can also install a cloud version with minimum data for real-time display and save all the historical info on-premise, thus optimizing privacy management and storage costs.